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  • Enthusiasm of schools

    I have been reminded over the past few weeks as to how busy schools are on a daily basis and at many and varying levels. The schools that I am fortunate to develop a relationship with in regard to them progressing their eLearning status (and plans according to our eLPF) are juggling a myriad of r...

    Tags: pilot schools, elpf

  • Formative Roadmap: The eLearning Capability Framework

    Image by hazelowendmc via Flickr Ross Alexander, who has had a wide range of roles in education over the years including teacher and deputy principal, has wide experience of ICT enhanced learning and teaching. On 12th July 2011 Ross facilitated a session online around the eLearning Capability Fr...

    Tags: elpf, "elearning planning framework", roadmap, elearning, ross alexander, online teaching and learning, methods and theories, ict, distance learning

  • BeL Pilot Project

    BeL Pilot Project

    Six BeL facilitators are working with 15 pilot schools  A key aspect of the pilot programme is the trial of the e-Learning Planning Framework. This framework will eventually enable schools to self-assess their progress in e-Learning. Schools involved in the pilot project get facilitator sup...

    Tags: elpf, elearning planning framework, pilot project, blended elearning

  • Why use the e-Learning Planning Framework? http://ow.ly/lN1hd #elpf #vln

    Tags: elpf, vln

  • Using the e-Learning Planning Framework: How have different schools managed the process? http://ow.ly/lN2Zc #vln #elpf

    Tags: vln, elpf

  • Using the e-Learning Planning Frameworks

    Using the e-Learning Planning Frameworks

    Haere mai, talofa lava and welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: e-Learning Planning Frameworks public group. e-Learning Planning Framework  Māori medium e-Learning Planning Framework/Te Rangitukutuku

    Tags: elpf, e-learning planning framework, online tool, enabling e-learning, mmelpf, māori-medium, te rangitukutuku, hangarau, anga, ako-e, e-ako, aromatawai, arotake

  • The e-Learning Planning Framework

    Kia ora The e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) and Te Rangitukutuku (Māori-medium eLPF) are tools to help schools and teachers reflect on, and evaluate, their e-learning capability. The eLPF is intended to support regular self-review and subsequent improvement of e-learning skills an...

    Tags: māori, elpf, te rangitukutuku, digital technologies

  • e-Learning Planning Frameworks updated for 2014

    Tags: elpf, e-learning planning framework, revision

  • e-Learning Planning Framework - Revised for 2014

    Tags: elpf, e-learning planning framework, revision