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  • Using the e-Learning Planning Framework: How have different schools managed the process? http://ow.ly/lN2Zc #vln #elpf

  • Why use the e-Learning Planning Framework? http://ow.ly/lN1hd #elpf #vln

  • Does anyone have a word doc version of the ELPF? If so please email to bthomas@cognition.co.nz

  • Did you miss today's NAPP webinar on using the eLPF? Check out the key points here. /discussion/view/698885

  • You're most welcome to join us in today's webinar on 'Schools using the eLPF' @ 3.45pm. LIVE LINK >> http://bit.ly/1xalyZj #eLearn #cenz14

  • Come and listen to this fab webinar on using the eLPF http://goo.gl/ShNc49 with my friends from Tua Marina school.