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  • Do e-Portfolios make a difference to student outcomes?

    We are wondering what/if any data schools are using to see if an e-Porftfolio is making a difference to student outcomes. Some our teachers are beginning a Teacher Action Inquiry and need some baseline data so we can see if they have make a difference. Any thoughts?  

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  • e-Portfolios: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

    [Message courtesy of the Australian Flexible Learning Network] For those of you who are interested in  ePortfolios there is a verygood opportunity to join in a professional learning community. More information, registration etc found here: https://sites.google.com/site/epcoplearnspace ...

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  • Webinar: e-Portfolios in the classroom

    Yesterday James Rea and Jacqui Innes presented a dynamic webinar on e-Portfolios in the classroom at Russell Street School. This is a school that has a culture of learning,  focused on growing e-learning capability.  During the webinar, both James and Jacqui cleverly maneuvered th...

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  • MyPortfolio in a secondary school context

    ePortfolios can be described as: “An e-portfolio is an electronic format for learners to record their work, their achievements and their goals, to reflect on their learning, and to share and be supported in this. It enables learners to represent the information in different formats and t...

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  • E-portfolios

    What platform/programe is everybody using for their school's e-portfolios. Particularly keen for junior school teachers' perspectives. Thanks!

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