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  • KathC

    About me: I am currently teaching new entrants at Otonga Primary School in Rotorua and am also an ICT lead teacher. I help lead 8 teachers implementing e-learning classes within the school. We have a ratio of 1:3 devises to children, and are using e-portfolios as our reporting to parents.Interests: e-portfolios

  • Amber Moffat

    Interests: e-portfolios

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  • Working with Tony Ryan at Tahunanui School

    Since beginning the ICT Contract with the Whakatu Cluster Tahunanui School has been developing our school curriculum through integrating key competencies and experimenti...

  • ePortfolios in the News

    ...so. A good contrast too from; E-portfolios have taken up more conference...Here's a selection: 1. E-portfolios – 7 reasons why I don&r...e. Well worth a read. 2. E-Portfolios Evolve Thanks to Web 2.0 Tool...A great resource. 4. Do e-Portfolios make a difference to student...

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  • Tahunanui School

    ...dash; media/web 2.0 tool to deliver in (potential to use green screen) – research into media suite Continue to research & trial e-portfolios for students  

  • Casebrook

    ...students are encouraged to check all work put on line to ensure it is seen only by those it is intended for. With regards to the work in their e-portfolios in Ultranet, for most part it...

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  • ePortfolios


    A space for discussing, sharing and celebrating the use of eportfolios in teaching and learning.

    Tags: eportfolios, e-portfolios

  • Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners [Ministry of Education]

    These guidelines will increase your understanding of the emerging importance and place of ePortfolios in the education of our children. The guidelines are aimed primarily at, but not limited to, a non-technical audience with limited prior knowledge of ePortfolios. If you are a school leader, th...

    Tags: e-portfolios, digital resources, ministry of education, moe

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