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  • Sitting at a course led/facilitated by Nick Rate regarding e-portfolios.

  • Sign up for this online workshop > e-Portfolios in the classroom http://bit.ly/JhiIeo #eTeach Please RT/pass on to interested colleagues

  • What nice looking e-portfolios do people use with staff and with students

  • Join the free e-portfolios in the classroom webinar today 3:30-4:40. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P. Details http://bit.ly/LUy1IY.

  • The e-portfolios in the classroom webinar starts at 3:30. Come and join us http://bit.ly/LUy1IY

  • e-Portfolios in the classroom webinar and associated docs now online on the Webinar recordings page http://bit.ly/M5NGG3. Check it out!!

  • Not too late to sign up for another great Enabling e-Learning webinar: e-Portfolios in the classroom 14 June http://bit.ly/OdJhT7 #eLearn

  • Digital portfolios for teachers: free webinar recording @ https://vln.school.nz/blog/view/979348/spotlight-on-teacher-e-portfolios-webinar

  • Hi Karen, i am about to embark on trialing evernote in class for portfolios. I use it for taking staff notes and find it easy to use.

  • Camilla is looking for answers to her questions about LMSs, portfolios and blogs at primary level. Can you help? http://bit.ly/1mVqrmt