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  • KathC

    About me: I am currently teaching new entrants at Otonga Primary School in Rotorua and am also an ICT lead teacher. I help lead 8 teachers implementing e-learning classes within the school. We have a ratio of 1:3 devises to children, and are using e-portfolios as our reporting to parents.Interests: e-portfolios

  • Amber Moffat

    Interests: e-portfolios

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  • Working with Tony Ryan at Tahunanui School

    Since beginning the ICT Contract with the Whakatu Cluster Tahunanui School has been developing our school curriculum through integrating key competencies and experiment...

  • ePortfolios in the News

    ...so. A good contrast too from; E-portfolios have taken up more conferenc.... Here's a selection: 1. E-portfolios – 7 reasons why I don&...se. Well worth a read. 2. E-Portfolios Evolve Thanks to Web 2.0 Too...A great resource. 4. Do e-Portfolios make a difference to student...

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  • Papanui

    The Principal and Board have been very supportive of ICT this year. They have purchased extra sets of netbooks for student use, and have installed a school wide wireless...

  • Reflective summary as bullet points

    ...program and face to face opportunities (such as EXPO) two schools using VLN learning language (te reo) High quality learning reflections with e-portfolio's across entire cluster teac...

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  • Digital portfolios: guidelines for beginners (version 2)

    Version 2 of what Karen bookmarked. In process of getting it up on minedu when the earth shook and attention went elsewhere. Requests for further changes and versions for different purposes are best answered (for now) by saying "They are openly licensed, so feel free to make a derivative work."

    Tags: e-portfolios, e-portfolio, eportfolios, eportfolio, myportfolio, ministry of education

  • MyPortfolio Diigo group

    Everything to do with MyPortfolio, an eportfolio service for New Zealand schools.

    Tags: e-portfolios, e-portfolio, eportfolios, eportfolio, myportfolio, ministry of education, mahara

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