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  • Consultation on the draft e-learning planning framework - 3 days left!

    This is a wee reminder that the public consultation survey on the e-learning planning framework closes this Friday 11 November. For full information, including the survey link, access to the draft framework and webinar recordings that give you an overview, go to the e-Learning Planning Framework...

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  • The revised e-Learning Planning Framework

    During 2011, the draft e-Learning Planning Framework was developed to help teachers and organisations to self or peer review how well they use ICTs to support learning for the purpose of finding out where they are, and what they need to do next.   The development involv...

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  • Blogging in the writing programme

    My e-learning goal was to use the class blog within the writing programme.  I know next to nothing about blogging and social networking sites so this is all a huge learning curve for me... one that I have struggled to embrace.  For various reasons, the blog is off to a very slow start....

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  • DEANZ 2012: The eLearning Planning Framework in action

    Karen Melhuish kicked off the session by introducing some discussion and thinking about eLearning and what the various terminology might mean. "eLearning is learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of ICTs", and eMaturity is "a school or c...

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  • Webinar: e-Portfolios in the classroom

    Yesterday James Rea and Jacqui Innes presented a dynamic webinar on e-Portfolios in the classroom at Russell Street School. This is a school that has a culture of learning,  focused on growing e-learning capability.  During the webinar, both James and Jacqui cleverly maneuvered th...

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