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  • Examples & stories of use

    This page pulls together stories, resources and examples of how schools and facilitators have used the e-Learning Planning Framework for review.   Stories & articles Using the eLPF to develop literacy learning goals supported by technologies: Breens Intermediate used review dat...

    Tags: elpf, stories, e-learning planning framework, examples

  • 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Tags: NAPP kōrero 14, e-learning, elpf, e-learning planning framework, leadership

  • Alternatives to ICT skills checklists

    So a school wants a skills rubric/checklist for students for ICT? QUESTION: What is this for??? Who is this for?  This is me thinking out loud... Skills progressions templates or ICT audit checklist … in my mind, the skills development comes from a focus as part of a curricul...

    Tags: ICT skills, rubrics, e-learning matrix, eLPF, e-learning planning framework, continuum, checklist, framework, progress, outcomes, exemplars, indicators