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  • donnady

    About me: Presently enjoying my role as e-learning facilitator for the Coalface Cluster (Morrinsville, Gordonton , Huntly areas).  Over 20 odd years I've taught students from Year 1 - Yr 13. I'm...

  • Anne Sturgess

    Skills: e-learning

  • KathC

    About me: I am currently teaching new entrants at Otonga Primary School in Rotorua and am also an ICT lead teacher. I help lead 8 teachers implementing e-learning classes within the school. We have a ratio of 1:3 devises to children, and are using e-portfolios as our reporting to parents.Interests: e-learning

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    About me: ...oles: project manager for the Enabling e-Learning website project manager for...ctice which can be developed on the Enabling e-Learning website as school stories or...assroom, leading a team, leading school-wide e-learning PLD, and working as an ICT PD...Brief description: Project Manager Enabling e-Learning & Inclusive EducationInterests: e-learning

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...e planned and strategic professional development programmes which meet the objectives of the contract while supporting the Lead Teachers and the e-Learning facilitator. Our cluster is i...

  • Tracy Bowker

    About me: I am one of project leaders for the Ministry of Education blended e-Learning project. Currently I am contracted to Cognition Education. Previously I worked as a full time consultant for Cognition and was the project director for the Digital Technologies Guidelines project.Skills: digital technology and e-learning in the context of teaching and learning

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Interests: e-learningSkills: integrating and infusing ict into the e-learning classroom

  • nickleith

    About me: Kia ora! I'm one of the e-learning facilitators for the Port Hills ICT PD cluster in Christchurch. I work for eTime; an education consultancy that works with an extensive number of schools in Chrstchurch and the wider Canterbury region. www.etime.co.nz

  • Leigh Johnson

    About me: I am Co-Facilitator of the Magpie ICT Cluster. I work .4 in that role and .6 within my own school(Frimley) as PD Leader in Literacy and E-learning. Interests: e-learning / literacy

  • Carla Joint

    About me: e-learning Facilitator St Hilda's Collegiate School Dunedin