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  • Just checked ULEARn site breakouts not open till the 8th .... dammm this is getting a bit hoha im soo keen to book in first

  • @AngelaKerr hi angela yes our cluster is ready to book but r nt sure if we will get in with the whole NZ booking in. Lets hope

  • Ok Ulearn when are the breakouts ready 2 b booked??? Or is every1 gona book at the same time and overload the system.. lol

  • Siting in our Lead Teacher day, everyone is previewing the breakouts ready to book tommorow. I hope the system can handle all our energy

  • Ok jus seen the update... Cant book until further notice... ahhh well i no wat im going to book the TASTER sessions.... cant wait

  • Thanks for the reminder - otherwise I might have been watching something far less educational on TV! Or engrossed in my book...

  • Is there anyway to get a book made on the Book Creator App onto a blog?

  • In this review that is one of the recommendations for future development. http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/09/15/finally-a-book-creator-app/

  • Yes it's been a great ride. We still have a few more twists and turns before we close the book. #mixedmetaphor

  • Don't miss out on the prestigious MADE Awards: 12th November at 6.30pm at ASB Arena. Book now! http://www.madeawards.com/