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  • Universal Design for Learning at a glance.

    The idea of Universal Design for Learning is most probably going to march it's way into our consciousness in the next few months. If you need to share a taster with colleagues, this is a good start. If UDL at a Glance is viewed in YouTube, the video has an interactive transcript, which is a re...

    Tags: udl, universal design for learning, diversity, equity

  • Blogs, wikis, networked schools...Check out 'Computers in NZ Schools'

    Some great articles in the current edition of the Computers in New Zealand Schools: Learning, Teaching, Technology, 23 (2). Digital Diversity and Education: Some Philosophical Problems: John Clark - Massey University ICT for Teaching and ICT for Learning: They are not the same: Rob...

    Tags: blogs, wiki, networked_schools, e-learning, diversity, cinzs, research

  • Embrace the shake by Phil Hansen

    Phil Hansen's Embrace the shake video was sent to a few of us by Blended e-learning facilitator Ian Suckling. It looks at how limitations and constraints can support rather than hinder innovation and creativity. Within it are many really cool examples of making art out of seriously wei...

    Tags: diversity, innovation