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  • Day 3 at Ulearn - having a great time, especially seeing the excitement in my staff and the discussion about what next!

  • NZ Sign Language Week - How are we using technologies in schools/classrooms to make learning accessible for all? /discussion/view/804587

  • Enabling e-Learning round-up - your weekly digest for discussion across the VLN > http://bit.ly/zyRj2H

  • Dear VLN- could there be a better way of having a subject line rather than 35 lots of 'new discussion post'?

  • Well done team- just noticed that the iPad group now has over 400 members. Thank you for your contributions and discussion.

  • Rich and friendly discussion running on cybersafety activities for intermediate students http://bit.ly/InpJZ4. What do you do?

  • Held assembly based on ideas collected from a discussion we started on Enabling Learning about Facebook.It went really well.Thanks to all!

  • What a great discussion! Check out the answers and add your own > Does technology stifle creativity? http://bit.ly/JWXqEF #technologies

  • @AllanahK 39 seconds to reply to a discussion at 11:34am on Sunday morning!

  • It would be really useful to be able to merge threads in a discussion forum- can that happen on the VLN?