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  • Introducing Pato Fu and an example of a videosong

    A wonderfully wacky video by Pato Fu from Brazil, demonstrating a videosong - "The rules for videosongs can be summed up as what you hear is what you get: the sounds MUST be seen in the video, no lip-syncing allowed". This would be a great challenge for either a team meeting or a class music p...

    Tags: music, videosong, digital story, pd

  • eLearning Round-up | 4 July 2011

    Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for eLearning goodness? I've done it for you:-)   eMember of the week Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to our eLearning community. This week, it's.... Rachel Boyd: DP (eLearning) & Classroom teacher (Year 2's) from...

    Tags: ipad, s4l, vln_primary, social media, digital story, google apps, elearning

  • Our Kids Can Film Festival Movie

    This is our digital story for the Kids Can Film Festival. Our Brief was changes, we had a day and a half to do some learning around this with our kids, so it was a very focussed time! THere were seven 5 and six year olds, some have only been at school for 2 Terms! Our Big understanding was: ...

    Tags: digital story, film, ipad2

  • The Pen story: A celebration of a lifetime.

    Here is an inspirational and mammouth way to document your life. It is an exquisite example of using photos to tell a story. On YouTube, "The Pen Story" has been a catalyst for a few gems, modelled on the same concept, I really like "The Wolf and Pig" below. Again both videos are great to...

    Tags: animation, pd, digital story