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  • Introducing Pato Fu and an example of a videosong

    A wonderfully wacky video by Pato Fu from Brazil, demonstrating a videosong - "The rules for videosongs can be summed up as what you hear is what you get: the sounds MUST be seen in the video, no lip-syncing allowed". This would be a great challenge for either a team meeting or a class music p...

    Tags: music, videosong, digital story, pd

  • eLearning Round-up | 4 July 2011

    Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for eLearning goodness? I've done it for you:-)   eMember of the week Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to our eLearning community. This week, it's.... Rachel Boyd: DP (eLearning) & Classroom teacher (Year 2's) from...

    Tags: ipad, s4l, vln_primary, social media, digital story, google apps, elearning

  • Our Kids Can Film Festival Movie

    This is our digital story for the Kids Can Film Festival. Our Brief was changes, we had a day and a half to do some learning around this with our kids, so it was a very focussed time! THere were seven 5 and six year olds, some have only been at school for 2 Terms! Our Big understanding was: ...

    Tags: digital story, film, ipad2

  • The Pen story: A celebration of a lifetime.

    Here is an inspirational and mammouth way to document your life. It is an exquisite example of using photos to tell a story. On YouTube, "The Pen Story" has been a catalyst for a few gems, modelled on the same concept, I really like "The Wolf and Pig" below. Again both videos are great to...

    Tags: animation, pd, digital story

  • Pick A Path on Powerpoint - Motivating Writers

    Tama's cyberspace pick a path View more presentations from mrshyde.

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, literacy, literacypd, blended elearning, digital story,

  • Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    This group was set up to collect and collate info around how the Auckland War Memorial Museum can improve their offering to schools, tertiary institutions, teachers, students, and all other "lifelong learners". My aim is to establish a direct communication channel between the Museum and all you ...

    Tags: elearning, digitalresources, digital media, digital story, digital learning objects, digital content, digital resources, digital literacy, tertiary, primary, intermediate, e-learning, multimedia, museum, public, arts, forum, curriculum