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  • Netsafe Group

    This is the group hosted by Netsafe, here on the VLN. Their support and guidance around cybersafety and digital citizenship sits at the heart of effective e-learning practice. /pg/groups/16278/netsafe/

  • Digi-Advisors

    The Ministry's Digi-Advisors provide support and guidance on the effetive use of digital content and software, such as that in Digistore and Software for Learning. Find them in their VLN group: /pg/groups/103508/digi-advisors/

  • Webinar recordings 2016 - 2020

    Couldn't make it to an online workshop or webinar? Watch, liste...arning event- Managing multiple digital platforms (7/2020) ...thread: Managing multiple digital discussion pre-webinar...this thread: Preparing for Digital...The People Share: Digi...

  • Coaching Notes and Links

    "Coaching in Schools" by Mike Hughes, ISBN 0954 6290 19 , via SSS Resource Centre or The Book Depository.

  • Week 10: More on the NZC reset

    Hi everyone,     Last week we continued our discussi...d videos etc.  as does their FaceBook pa...bsp; Samoan Language Week FaceBook page Ministry for Pac...acy Today on The Fab Four Strategies: Digital tools for dramatically imp...

  • Teaching as inquiry

    Claire Amos talks about teacher inquiry in an Edtalks video...Grant. Click on it to view a larger version of the picture (use back arrow to return)...in a junior classroom The use of Mimio Studio Notebook and Voicethread in a Yr 1/2 c...

  • Student empowerment and student voice

    How do we make sure that students have a voice in their own learning and that they feel they have a stake in their own education and that they have something worth sha...

  • Digital citizenship and digital competencies

    Andrew Churches talks about his work around digital citizenship. You can see more about this on his wiki. Kellie McRoberts talks about how she has made links between e-lea...

  • Great e-learning examples in action

    Here are just a few links to some interesting e-learning examples Remember, while an example...at ideas on the class's blog. 3. Many Voices on Darfur - a Voicethread (a free online digi...

  • Useful iPad apps

    VoiceThread Great interface and excellent for oral language skills!...een while recording a narration. You can also load an iPhoto picture to draw and narrate over. Book Creator for iPad Create your own books on the iPad in an iBook form...