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  • Conceptual View of Digital Citizenship (MyLGP.rog)

    Add to this 'bit' for developing this understanding.

    Tags: digital citizenship, digital literacy

  • Netsafe

    This is a group facilitated by Netsafe. NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of cyberspace. NetSafe promotes digital citizenship  by educating and supporting individuals, organisations, and industry, on a range of cyber...

    Tags: digital citizenship, digital literacy, cybersafety, advice

  • Claire

    Tags: e-fellow 2013, digital literacy, ubiquity, agency and connectedness, flexible learning spaces, blended learning, reading, walking, friends

  • Developing your AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) or DCP (Digital Citizen Profile)

    Use this space to share and refine your plans and ideas.

    Tags: aup, digital literacy, digital citizenship

  • DC Profile (Very early DRAFT)

    here is our DC profile and it is just in its infancy.

    Tags: digital citizenship, digital literacy

  • Enner Glynn School

    Here is a quick look at what we have nutted out so far...

    Tags: digital literacy, digital citizenship

  • Photo of Students Working With Jill Hammonds

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, elearning, digital literacy, literacy,

  • Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    This group was set up to collect and collate info around how the Auckland War Memorial Museum can improve their offering to schools, tertiary institutions, teachers, students, and all other "lifelong learners". My aim is to establish a direct communication channel between the Museum and all you ...

    Tags: elearning, digitalresources, digital media, digital story, digital learning objects, digital content, digital resources, digital literacy, tertiary, primary, intermediate, e-learning, multimedia, museum, public, arts, forum, curriculum

  • Blended e-Learning Literacy

    Blended e-Learning Literacy

    This is a group formed by Jill Hammonds to support the e-Learning aspect of raising student achievement in literacy.  It is the main e-Learning literacy group for Te Toi Tupu Consortium, but is open to all interested in raising student achievement in literacy through focused use of e-Learning.  I...

    Tags: literacy, e-Learning, writing, reading, oral language, visual literacy, digital literacy