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  • St Marys Reflective Summary

    Kate's reflective summary.docx Background and context We are part of the North Westland Cluster which is asmall cluster of 5 schools in the remote area of the West Coast of the South Island.I am the ICT lead teacher of a Catholic school with 7 teachers and 160 children.I teach a Year ½ c...

    Tags: Lead teacher, tech angels, digital citizens, cyber safety, Year 1/2, catholic school, re

  • Developing Digital Citizenship using Hector’s World and SuperClubsPlus (Skoodle)

    Maranatha Christian School is a Year 1-8 integrated school in Lower Hutt National goal 1 Increase the capability of students to become successful digital citizens Cluster goal 1 Students will have increased opportunities to participate in online environments. Students will have opportuniti...

    Tags: digital citizens, netsafe