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  • LwDT @ Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Mangere

    LwDT @ Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Mangere

    This group space is under development.  This group is for kaiako from Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Mangere.   You wil...o join the group to access or see some of the info shared about Learning with Digital Te...

  • Waltham Primary

    Waltham Primary

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Learning with Digital Technologies project at Waltham School. Check out: Getting started on the VLN: If you're new to VLN,...

  • Connected Rotorua Teachers

    Connected Rotorua Teachers

    Origin: Two experienced teachers wanted to start a professional learning network based in Rotorua; Annemarie Hyde (...e. They saw a need for teachers, in our area, with interests in learning with digital te...

  • Ākonga Whakatū

    Ākonga Whakatū

    This is the grup for the Whakatū (Nelson) Professional Learning Community.  Our visio...e Cluster community now and for the future. We are doing this to: build capability in leadership and practice ac...

  • Taupo Connected Teachers

    Taupo Connected Teachers

    This group is to encourage teachers from Taupo region to make connections, to build confidence and capability in using digital technology for teaching and learning.   All Taupo teachers are warml...

  • Paparoa Street School

    Paparoa Street School

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Learning with Digital Technologies project at Paparoa Street School.

  • Burnside Primary School

    Burnside Primary School

    This is a place for teachers from Burnside Primary staff and LwDT facilitators to collaborate and share information...nd other groups to join by clicking on the Groups link above.  Learning with Digital Te...

  • Otago/Southland LwDT Schools

    Otago/Southland LwDT Schools

    Purpose:   foster collaboration and sharing of practice across schools in the L...uthland foster and grow professional relationships between schools grow e-capability so that expertise and profess...

  • Upper Hutt/Stokes Valley MLC

    Upper Hutt/Stokes Valley MLC

    The Mathematics Leadership Cluster Group aims to promote the sharing of good maths practice within a cluster of sch...aches to teaching and learning in mathematics facilitated by the SMART use of digital te...

  • Learning with Digital Technologies

    Learning with Digital Technologies

    This space is for teachers, leaders and facilitators in the Te Toi Tupu Learning with Digital Technologies project. It allows participants to share resources, links, ideas and ask questions.