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  • Jason Ruakere

    Brief description: I currently work for Core Education and am a member of the following teams: Learning with Digital Technologies and Māori Medium Publishing.

  • Marie Nordstrand

    Brief description: I am a Strategic Business Advisor in the Ministry of Education, based in Wellington. I work in the Information Technology Group, supporting the Education System Digital Strategy

  • Simon O'Brien

    About me: Teacher of Digital Technologies and Commerce. Currently casual reliever at Cashmere High School in Christchurch. 

  • Chris Magill

    Brief description: Director ICTS & HoD Digital Technologies

  • Amanda OConnell

    About me: I am a facilitator working in the Central South (Wellington) region on the Learning with Digital Technologies project.

  • Doug Drysdale

    About me: ...ome a major focus again in my teaching. Our school was part of the Kainui ICT PD Cluster 2008 - 2010 and we are continuing to develop the use of digital technology to support classro...

  • joleneb

    About me: ...des thanks to my experiences at my first school Pt England Primary. I have worked in all year levels and many different classroom types including digital classrooms. I am particularly...

  • Nadell Karatea-Kokiri

    Brief description: National Māori Development, Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator working full-time for CORE Education, Te Toi Tupu.

  • Catriona Pene

    About me: Mid 2012 I left a Year 3 digital classroom, where I was teaching using macbooks, ipads and ipods, to tak...ne and in schools. Online and Face-to-face Facilitator – Learning with Digital Technologies Programme.  Lea...Brief description: Online and in-school Facilitator – Learning with Digital Technology PLD. Lead Facilitator - Literacy, ESOL and English Online.

  • Valay Raman

    About me: ...e being underpinned by this philosophy. This has allowed us to connect with our community by allowing them free access into our school to use our digital equipment. Most people that l...