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  • Tracy Bowker

    About me: I am one of project leaders for the Ministry of Education blended e-Learning project. Currently I am contracted to Cognition Education. Previously I worked as a full time consultant for Cognition and was the project director for the Digital Technologies Guidelines project.Skills: digital technology and e-learning in the context of teaching and learning

  • Sharon Carlson

    Interests: "digital literacies"Interests: "cyber and digital safety"

  • Tara Fagan

    About me: ...s, exhibitions, cultural and scientific resources, and the Learning Lab. Tara is passionate about supporting all learners and believes using digital technologies in a well-consid...Skills: Digital certification and assessment

  • CraigMcD

    Interests: digital citizenship

  • Doug Fitzsimons

    About me: I am Principal of Porritt School, one of the seven school in the Digital Daze Cluster. I am on the learning curve with the teachers and principals of the cluster as we strive to develop confidence and competency in the usage of ICT to support teaching and learning.

  • Glen McKay

    About me: I am a Year 7/8 Digital Class teacher and facilitator in the Connected Cluster in Hamilton.

  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: ...based curriculum development and innovation - science education - education for enterprise - the role and potential of digital technologies in education - and most recently, digital and old-school game developme...

  • Heather Bell

    About me: I work for Korimako Education as an education facilitator. I work across a broad spectrum of areas and have a particular interest in digital/elearning, teacher inquiry, and inclusive schooling.

  • Annemarie Hyde

    About me: ...ol English teacher for ten years before retraining in primary after my three daughters were born.  I've been lead teacher of maths, and run a digital unit. Now I'm DP at an in...

  • Enabling e-Learning

    Interests: digital citizenship