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  • @ Jude Lees: link (not NZ) to research/case study on integrating iPads to teach print-based and digital literacy goals http://bit.ly/PZoiHv

  • Just viewing some fabulous digital creations for the upcoming MADE Awards and Manawatu Digi Awards. WOW, what talented students!

  • Let's get together to create a crowdsourced resource on Digital Citizenship. bit.ly/1aDvX6O

  • Looking for digital vertical classes (y2-6ish). A school in Northland wants to run trial classes in 2014 and would love to connect with you!

  • WoW, cool! E-learning celebrations and digital stories are beginning to grow...Can you see your story in here? http://bit.ly/1dqJu2d

  • How can we effectively use digital tools to support learners with dyslexia? Come and share /discussion/view/843662

  • Can't wait for the MADE (Media and Digital excellence) awards tomorrow night. Always entertaining viewing! http://www.madeawards.com/

  • I'm thinking of starting a resource that breaks down possible e-learning tools to support digital literacy skills. Are you keen to join me?

  • http://tinyurl.com/3tml2w5 What are you planning for digital literacy in your school or classroom for 2014? Req reading from Becta.

  • How is your school using digital technology to enhance learning? Share your examples for new MOE resources http://elearning.tki.org.nz/share