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  • some good feedback

    It is so nice to get possitive feedback ... well done St Peters  From: "Margar...ssrooms. It is great to see the space taking shape, and teachers realising its potential as a tool for teaching and le...

  • The Blogging Challenge

    As a six year old I remember staring at a blank page and not wanting to make that fi...out, scribbled out, rubbed out through to the next page. It is a page full of potential, unrestrained by the abilitie...

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  • Tahunanui School

    Community e-learning involvement at Tahunanui School During 2011 we will aim to enc...al blog Research video notices – media/web 2.0 tool to deliver in (potential to use green screen) &nd...

  • Casebrook

    Teachers are integrating e-learning more into their daily programs. ICT strategies are bei...assist them in using ICT in their classrooms. Ideas are shared with teachers as well developin...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a level of ‘buy-in’ reached among potential stakeholders, the scoping pha...

  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and addressed in an ongoing manne...zing an e-Day: An Example from FarNet According to the literature, one of the potential challenges students face when...

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  • Tauranga Moana

    Tauranga Moana

    Our Vision The Tauranga Moana ICTPD Cluster envisages information and communication...and teachers as 21st century learners. We see the ongoing development of Maori potential in education as a guiding for...

  • iPlus ICT Cluster

    iPlus ICT Cluster

    iPlus is an ICT cluster formed with the following schools: New Lynn School (Lead School), Kelston Interme...h empathy the values of others. an understanding of the needs of developing Maori potential which emphasises working toge...

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  • Simon Drewery

      I often reflect on the thoughts of Buddha 'Is it true? Is it good? Is it necessary?'... and remind myself daily... 'Don't sweat the petty things and pet the sweaty things!’

    Tags: developing human potential, inner peace, travelling.