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  • Video which explores, with some great examples, some of potential learning opportunities provided by mobile learning http://bit.ly/16BnApG

  • Love this infographic sharing multiple ways the iPad can be used to full potential by teachers. http://goo.gl/zzTGR

  • I touched an I-pad for the first time last night-wow so pumped about potential. I would like to know how they are being used in classes.

  • Does your school teach logo or computer coding? What's the potential for our learners? /discussion/view/808080

  • Interacting hands free: Quick review of Leap Motion & its potential for education http://bit.ly/17nkROj

  • Progress in education: Is it about developing competitive and open education markets? Or something way more complex? http://bit.ly/19OoaV1

  • Kia ora, We are a small school developing the use of BYOD and ICT within our curriculum. What are some great schools we could visit in ChCh?

  • National Aspiring Principals' PLG 1 at Glenbervie School, Whangarei. Great day of developing relationships with our akonga.

  • Developing student agency in schools. Have you got some examples to share with Justin? /discussion/view/951712