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  • Using e-learning to support and enhance critical thinking

    ...uestioning; this time the Thinking Hats, Thinker’s Keys and gra...whole object in view. The thinking hats were then used to help to sup...m 9 Room 9 have used the thinking hats to reflect on their learning...using the Datt Thinking Tool - de Bono Thinking Hats - for reflectio...

  • Keys and Hats Staff Meeting

    Staff meeting this week was based around th...we had with Lyn Ross focussing on the Hats and the Keys. Teachers are al...http://prezi.com/o4ezt4sdqazr/keys-and-hats/ to get the ball rolling (and...ad used the Thinkers Keys and also the Hats recently in the classroom I t...

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  • Thinking about De Bono

    20/3/17 I am going to introduce de Bonos hats with New Entrants. I have bought 6 pieces of fabric (1 meter square ) and I am going to cut them out into a large hat shape. When we use the hats, the children will be able to go and sit on the hat that they are using to describe their thinking. Th...

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