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  • Rachel Whalley

    About me: ...r and mentor in the VPLD programme, and ePrincipal of TaraNet Secondary Cluster.  My experiences with elearning stem back to my teacher training days, when in 1997 I was accepted...

  • Simon Evans

    About me: ...anding of the future of education and how we can address the issues of today.  What I have to offer is my...me great examples of NZ teachers using it. This stuff I know. I spend my days digging and searching for it...

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  • The Third I-Connect Mini Conference

    In 2010 and 2012 the cluster held successful half day conferences. This year it was decided to have a full day conference. Each school assigned a tea...outstanding job in catering, morning tea, lunch and end of day nibble for all. As an authent...

  • Ulearn Reflections

    ...r. Teacher Four - Notes on Presentation to Staff on Return from Ulearn;Hi everyone,Here are the links for the websites I shared at staff meeting today: LEGAL imagery:http://www.cr...

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  • Learner Needs

    ...r VLN community through school information/open days, school newsletters, blogs,...range of forums. e.g. school newsletters, open days. Advertise available online...nts, in a face-to-face setting is to organize e-days. Figu...

  • Professional Development & Support

    ...development of the Learning Community Online. Many LCO have an induction day at the beginning of each year...ts in the LCO (students and staff ), as well as training and preparation days at the end of the year for e...

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  • Science: a blended e-learning approach

    Science: a blended e-learning approach

    ...hers and students to share ideas, resources and strategies that motivate interest and participation in science, and making science relevant to everyday living. The focus is on the u...

  • Flick-It-On


    Kids Can Film Festival is a project that was developed by Lead & Support E-Learning Teachers from the Whakatu Cluster in Nelson, New Zealand. The project is aimed...

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