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  • Jenneke Dodds

    About me: ...of the Arts faculty at Northland College, Kaikohe, Te Tai Tokerau, for 4 days of the week, teaching Photog...ar 9 and Level 1 Visual Art, and looking after the Music Department. One day a week is my own for whatever...

  • Suzanne Renner

    About me: Senior Lecturer, University of Otago College of Education. Modern dance teacher - Saturday mornings.

  • Alyson Budd

    About me: ...m the Senior Support Officer for the SPaR Programme and I support Tina Nation, Programme Director. I'm in Wellington, New Zealand on a "working holiday" visa. I'm Canadian. In Vanco...

  • Jan Robertson

    About me: ...g my own vegetables and fruit,  catching my own water off the roof, using grey water for conserving water where possible, and contributing in every day small ways to sustaining our...

  • Kimberley Rivett

    About me: ...ism in Literacy. I am a passionate lifelong learner and feel incredibly fortunate to have chosen a vocation which gets me bouncing out of bed every day, enthused by the joys of what...

  • Megan Bowden

    About me: ...ol which opened in 2004 and from where I retired in July 2011.  A great honour was to be awarded the Queen's Service Medal in the 2012 Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to...

  • Melinda Bolton

    About me: ...ling.     I work at a small, semi-rural school in Franklin, NZ.  Every day brings a new challenge - I don't think I've every had a "same day" before!   My new passion i...

  • sharon fuemana

    About me: ...reer! We have 4 beautiful children who have our work ethic and passion for life, love, learning and travel. Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. Ka kite ano. Sharon

  • Wawaro Te Whaiti

    Interests: holidays in rarotonga