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  • Kia kaha to all of you affected by yesterday's earthquakes. Thinking of you all today.

  • I was so proud of my team today http://goo.gl/aMZ45 Fabulous sharing of how to foster home school partnerships.

  • Check out today's November Challenge post from Guest Blogger, Stephanie - what can teachers learn from 'geeks'? http://bit.ly/ufaErf

  • At the Nethui conference at sky city. Great conversations in the Edu stream yesterday. Hoping for more today.

  • @Toni.Twiss Greetings to the advisors working with Toni, today:-)

  • I'm off to do a digital citizenship workshop with the Coalface cluster today. Can't wait! http://fizurl.com/huntlydc

  • Just spent a great day planning NCEA Level 2 programs for next year. Thanks for the TOD Mrs Tolley.

  • The VLN will be offline for 10 minutes from 12pm Friday 8th July

  • Lego League, getting kids into programming. Wellington Info day July 24 - http://bigwerk.blogspot.com/2011/06/lego-league.html

  • I'm catching up with calls to parents, NGO's, teachers, expenses, supervision, certification, processing peer coach training from yesterdayX