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  • Mary-Anne Murphy

    About me: ...ectors, including Primary Principalship experience. My fields of expertise include: Assessment for Learning, e-Learning, Strategic planning and Curriculum design, Coaching and Mentorin...

  • Joy Kitt

    About me: ...g science learning opportunities with my class and the rest of the staff. Currently I am working with my year 4/5 class to explore an integrated curriculum.  Check out my blog on the VL...

  • Allison shackley

    About me: I have been teaching Year 8 students at Chisnallwood Intermediate School for the past 8 years.  I am a Senior Teacher, Syndicate Leader and Literacy Leader. In the past I have been Science Curriculum Leader, a subject that I very much enjoy teaching.

  • Carolyn

    About me: I am a year 2 teacher at Allenton School in Ashburton.  My passion is ICT in the classroom.  I am the curriculum leader in our school... although I am new to this... so I have no idea! :-) Collaboration is a key aspect of my teaching.  I enjoy sharing and learning with other teachers.

  • Catriona Pene

    About me: ...n the Winterless North. It includes classroom teaching at all primary levels, The Arts lead teacher, Literacy lead teacher, ICT teacher, Head of Curriculum. I look forward to connecting...Skills: curriculum

  • virginiak

    About me: ... This year Virginia has focused her teacher inquiry around Writing, utilizing the NZTA Resource around Rail and integrating several areas of the curriculum (Science, English, Social Sci...

  • Sarah Dwan

    About me: AP Curriculum, History teacher, IT user, Chch! 

  • Alex Hanlen

    About me: Year 1 and 2 teacher, Syndicate leader, D.P and curriculum leader for integration at Ohope Beach School.

  • Hayley

    Skills: curriculum

  • michael.winter

    About me: I work for CORE Education. I manage the Primary Science Teacher Fellowship Curriculum Support programme for the Royal Society of NZ, and also look after the CORE eFellowship programme....