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  • Toni Twiss

    About me: ...former English and Media Studies teacher. I now work for the University of Waikato as an advisor to secondary schools about the new New Zealand Curriculum and eLearning and I also am a...

  • Jason Mischewski

    About me: ...tools to support learners into a future of unknowns. The New Zealand curriculum document gives us the best po...n classroom practice that does make a real difference.  A conceptual curriculum with effective implementation...

  • Paul Manson

    Skills: curriculum design

  • Lorena Strother

    About me: Kia Ora Koutou ma.... English Teacher & English Teacher in the CURRICULUM INTEGRATION PROJECT (MAGAZINE PROJECT), ICT co-ordinator, Scholarship Manager, Principal's Nominee..... Brief description: English teacher & English Teacher in the CURRICULUM INTEGRATION PROJECT (MAGAZINE PROJECT) ICT co-ordinator, Scholarship manager, Principal's Nominee.....Website: http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/

  • Bu Windsor

    About me: Teaching principal at View Hill School. We are a small rural school, using strengths-based teaching to motivate and engage our 60+ pupils in curriculum programmes that utilise our community resources and events.

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: ...he trends / changing nature of the world around us. Is the "third wave of ICT integration into schools upon us, as indicated by ICT changing the curriculum; "so that school for most stu...

  • Pam Hook

    About me: ...t (HookED), who works with New Zealand schools to develop curricula and pedagogies for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She has written curriculum material for government and b...

  • merryl

    About me: Deputy Principal, Frankley SChool, New Plymouth. Year 5/6 teacher Passionate about the curriculum Using Google Apps for Education and Hapara dashboard, 2015 is our second year. BYOD optional this year.Skills: Curriculum design

  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: ...ure-oriented education - young people's views and experiences of schooling - environmental education/education for sustainability - school-based curriculum development and innovation -...

  • Annemarie Hyde

    About me: ...daughters were born.  I've been lead teacher of maths, and run a digital unit. Now I'm DP at an intermediate where I'm in charge of curriculum and assessment, lead teacher...