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Results for "curiosity"


  • TeAhua Park

    About me: I am super passionate about e-learning, cultivating curiosity and using inquiry to motivate and engage students. I have worked in a connected class over the past two years which has be...

  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: I'm a Senior Researcher at NZCER. My work in education research is driven by an endless curiosity about the world and a strong commitment to better educational experiences and outcomes...

  • Carmen Kenton

    Interests: curiosity

  • Cathiesten

    About me: I am a keen advocate of survival - of curiosity and creativity in education.  Currently I am AP at a school in Taupo, but always seeking new challenges.

  • Geoff Siave

    About me: Principal, Shirley Intermediate School.  Enjoying innovations which build enthusiasm for inquiry/curiosity amongst children. How can we create schools in which children desperately want to learn.?

  • Jane Rachel

    About me: New to Teaching Intermediate Science, coming from an art background.  Loving it and keen to develop programmes that include more digital recording / presenting / reflecting ... while using time efficiently to promote good science learning and skills.  Curiosity, Questioning and Creativity are IN !