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  • Fiona White - Open talking: Open communication

    Session Overview “What we have to face is that the more we ‘manage’ students’ behaviour and try to make them do what we say, the more difficult it is for them to become morally sophisticated people who think for themselves and care about others […].  In saying...

    Tags: non-violent communication, cultural responsiveness, cutural appropriacy, classroom communities, hot seats, hot seat, fiona white, vpld, nvc

  • What can I find here?

    Each heading encourages a different angle on e-science learning and teaching, and inspiration to begin conversations to explore the Nature of Science. Gadgets - links to brand-new or unusual gadgets.  What if...? - links to events, places, scientists' work, or amazing things that make you...

    Tags: science, cultural responsiveness, investigation, NOS

  • Embedding assessment in ePortfolios....

    Tags: e-assessment, assessment, ePortfolios, e-portfolios, empowerment, cultural responsiveness,

  • How we measure = what we value

    The resources below have been designed to be a bit of a catalyst for thinking about assessments embedded in ePortfolios. Where the focus is on process; for example, using ePortfolios (collect, select, reflect) in a way that is culturally responsive, inclusive, and timely Where the focus is on...

    Tags: e-assessment, assessment, ePortfolios, e-portfolios, empowerment, cultural responsiveness

  • Science online

    Tags: science, cultural responsiveness, investigation, NOS, time

  • Video series - How best to engage Pasifika learners and their families.

    Tags: cultural responsiveness, Pasifika, beyond the classroom,

  • Community engagement - a critical factor for success for gifted education

    Tags: gifted, cultural responsiveness, community, engagement, partnerships

  • Anthony Faitaua

    Talofa and a cracking Pasifika welcome, I am a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator and a Pasifika facilitator. My role is supporting teachers transitioning into MLE/MLP using digital tools to support their learners. Underpinning my role is my passion to support teachers with their i...

    Skills: Pasifika Strategies for engaing with students, parents, families and communities, Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017, Blogging, Twitter, Cultural Responsiveness, Digital Technologies

  • Ka Hikitia Treasure Hunt

    Here is an exploration activity to support deepening understanding of Ka Hikitia.  The objects to 'hunt for' in Ka Hikitia are on the first page.  The answers are on the second page.  I will note thought that this was created, based on the 2008-2012 version of Ka Hikitia, s...

    Tags: Cultural Responsiveness