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  • Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

    ...udents’ futures.Such issues include: sustainability – exploring the long-term impact of social, cultural, scientific, technological,
economic, or political practices on society and the environmen...

  • Stoke

    Stoke School Cybersafety Use Agreement acceptable Use Policy For Primary Students...tStokeSchool, and to the operation of the school. Our school has cybersafety practices in place, which include cyber...

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  • Our Five Senses

    Tasting, smelling, touching, seeing and hearing what these different range of food products can offer. Introducing new foods to students through a cultural experience in cooking Thai Fish Cakes for an on line cooking competition.


  • Kaiarahi Hui at Waiheki

    Kaiarahi  from all parts of New Zealand gathered at Waihiki Island on the Piratahi...ontacts with people to challenge our awareness of cultural issues and 'best practice' in...t that much more relevant to our identity as a bi-cultural...


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  • Learning Communities Online

      A group of organisations or individuals that chooses to operate as a collabora...focus of these communities. The emphasis here is on the emerging pedagogical practices that must be explored and ado...

  • Pedagogy

      Focus Identify current and desired teaching practices online. Explanation An iden...current and desired teaching practices online, and an understanding...determine changes to existing practices that will need to be made. It...rch about changes to teaching practices....

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  • Manaiakalani


    Mission To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by growing interdependence, innovation and creativity using sustainable practices. Description The Manaiakala...

  • PoriruaNet


    The PoriruaNet ICTPD Cluster represents approx 200 teachers and about 5000 students. We are four secondary schools [...st across the hill from Wellington. Our community is diverse and richly multi-cultural,...

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  • Music Education for the Classroom Teacher

    Why music education? UCLA professor James Catterall led an analysis of a U.S. Department of Education database. Called NELLs88, the database was used to track more than 25,000 students over a period of 10 years. Catterall conducted a study and found that regardless of socioeconomic background, mu...

    Tags: achievement, music, literacy, numeracy, engagement, cultural practices