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  • ... is personalising her VLN thinking and learning space:)

  • More help for creating detailed profiles and group spaces, can be found at /pg/pages/view/36118/

  • Thinking of ways how to help teachers create exciting activity sheets using technology.

  • Thinking of ways to engage parents/whanau in their child's learning? Ideas welcome.

  • We had a great TeKids session this morning. Our students are thinking more about their questioning.

  • @lynross Yes that fits in with my thinking as well. The two goals seem to have so many overlaps.

  • is thinking about self review

  • Thinking- I wonder under what cc licence people publish photos to on the VLN? Is there small print I haven't read that tells me?

  • Kia kaha to all of you affected by yesterday's earthquakes. Thinking of you all today.

  • At Muriwai School today and enjoying working with the tekkie children around digital citizenship..creating powerpoints are awesome