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  • Kate Ericksen

    About me: ...es. I then found local teachers who would be able to come to the centres to offer lessons on a voluntary basis, with us supporting thier transport costs



  • Connected Whanau

    ...have land lines and only use their cell phones for financial reasons. Not many of them were keen to set up home landline accounts due to the costs involved - fair enough. Afte...

  • My Journey and UFB

    ...guaranteed 10mgps guaranteed regardless of what else is maxing out the POI--Point of Interconnectivity--where the wholesaler and retailer connect. Costs were fairly competitive with...

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  • Learning Communities Online

    ...ller’ classes to make up a teaching load access to experts in subject areas not available locally sharing of resources, resulting in lower costs and increased relevance and u...

  • Finance/Funding

    ...ed to student rolls, tertiary programme course costs, STAR funding eligibility or...ermined. It is very easy to consider the extra costs involved as a disincentive fo...ubjects may now better be spent on meeting the costs of accessing expertise from t...

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