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  • At the Nethui conference at sky city. Great conversations in the Edu stream yesterday. Hoping for more today.

  • Looking forward to having conversations with people in the new Digi Advisors group: /pg/groups/103508/digi-advisors/

  • Always great to meet up with fellow tweeps too...and continue our conversations offline!

  • Welcome back to Term 3 everyone. Lets keep the conversations flowing in our virtual staffroom - the VLN.

  • Ever wondered where the latest conversations are happening? ...Try the Discussion tab >>> /discussion/all

  • Top Tip: If you want to join in conversations, you'll need to join the group. If you're happy to lurk, click on the 'LIKE' icon instead :-)

  • Should we remove the 'e' from e-learning, or drop the 'digital' in our every conversations...its' a given now isn't it?http://bit.ly/1x5fEg1