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  • What does authentic learning look like in your school?

    Tags: authentic, learning, contexts, enabling, learners, reflections

  • Authentic contexts

    I might be a bit late to this party, but really enjoying the authentic integration of the Technology strands and Digital Technology learning areas (CT and DDDO) in these lesson sequences from Digital Ignition | Māpura Matihiko. For example, Think like a Tech Creator for Year 8's walks teac...

    Tags: authentic, contexts, digital, technologies

  • Integrating computational thinking into other learning areas

    Sometimes it can be tricky making sense of the new Digital Technologies content, learning new terminology and finding ways for this to 'fit' naturally into our curriculum. For example, some questions emerging from year 9/10 teachers include: Are we expected to integrate CTDT in ou...

    Tags: curriculum, integration, computational, thinking, ideas, contexts, secondary, school, year, 9, 10