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  • robin ohia

    About me: .... More detail here... I have a passion for Learning Design theories and its implementation to support pedagogy and creating online multi-modal content to support students in KKM.

  • Marielle Lange

    About me: ...x lexical databases -  idlp. It also involves open contributions. Open content with various contributions on...proficiency. Open source to support the rapid development of learning content across digital devices - widg...Interests: open content

  • Megan Melvin

    Skills: instructional and content design

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    About me: ...project manager for the Enabling e-Learning website project manager for the Inclusive Education Online Knowledge Centre website.  I create content for both of these websites as...Skills: content managment systems

  • Te Mako Orzecki

    Brief description: TKI channel support-helpdesk, Enabling e-learning-content editor

  • John David Callahan

    About me: PROSODIC LEARNING  The science of foundation learning  A new and far superior theory of learning A superior assessment to what State and English school...

  • Nils Pokel

    Skills: digital content

  • Breda Matthews

    About me: ..., now known as the ACCEL. I was responsible for the development of all content and between 2012 and 2014 led...o 13 and gave me the opportunity to build skills in the area of online content creation and effective delive...

  • Susan Wilson

    About me: I am the Transition Coordinator at Emerge Supported Employment Trust. Our programme provides a year of support and mentoring for a student or young person.to help...

  • Esther Casey

    Interests: content