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  • Learning and Teaching Resources

    ...identified and a coherent policy governs their storage, access, and construction. Within the chosen LMS there is the ability to create meta courses which encourage the co-construction of resources for use in indiv...

  • VLN Groups

    The main intent of the VLN Group is to foster the  co-construction, co-development, and the sharing of, best practice in blended learning environments.

  • Creating group spaces in the VLN

    ...bsp; to share/access resources, readings, links, stories, exemplars, research provide clarification I want a group space for knowledge construction:  to debate, discuss...

  • The Virtual Learning Network

    ...l network for teachers, school leaders and facilitators to connect, share experiences, and learn together. The main intent is to foster the co-construction, co-development, and the shar...

  • Writing

    ...Video about collaboratively creating an eBook with a class in another country A strategy that works well for collaborative writing is joint construction. This can also be followed by...