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  • Olivia Gibbons

    Brief description: Kia ora, I am a Te Reo Māori teacher at Wellington Girls' College, interested in networking with others to connect, share experiences and learn together.

  • joleneb

    Interests: I love watching students becoming engaged and motivated by being able to connect with the world

  • Nadell Karatea-Kokiri

    About me: ...talisation of our Māori Language and continue to develop my Te Reo Māori whenever I can. I look forward to crossing paths with you and hopefully connect with you in some way or anoth...

  • Catriona Pene

    About me: ...cludes classroom teaching at all primary levels, The Arts lead teacher, Literacy lead teacher, ICT teacher, Head of Curriculum. I look forward to connecting with you online to support...

  • Bridget Casse

    About me: ...nking processes and the power of collaboration. Always striving to engineer better learning environments that enable learners to explore and make connections for themselves to raise a...

  • Patrick

    About me: excited and worried about entering the eLearning world with our school - trying to connect with people/groups that are in a similar or already advanced stage of that journey!

  • Valay Raman

    About me: ...ers since being underpinned by this philosophy. This has allowed us to connect with our community by allowin...quipment. Most people that live in our community do not have computers connected to the internet. I am passi...

  • Kate Ericksen

    About me: ...ng behind a desk on the computer all day was not my kettle of fish. This resulted in my graduation in 2006 as a primary teacher. My passions are connecting with other educators and e...

  • HineataBlair

    About me: Looking to connect to Te Manawa Pou.

  • Hayley

    About me: ...der and SENCO co-ordinator. In 2013 I am facilitating the implementation of two key initiatives: OneNote to encourage a more collaborative and connected staff. A range of sets of...