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  • John Phelps

    About me: I am a facilitator with a number of ICTPD Clusters includingI-Connect and Digital Daze 2.0.

  • Paula Jamieson

    About me: I LOVE Learning and making connections.  I am passionate about e-learning and technology especially embedding it throughout classroom environments to enhance and drive the learning... to truly make a difference to student achievement.Interests: making connections

  • Emma Watts

    About me: ...nate about using e-learning 'tools' to encourage students to be independent and creative learners.  E-learning gives communities opportunities to connect, communicate, collaborate, cu...

  • Toni Twiss

    About me: ...Facilitator for the ICT PD project. My main interests are around making use of the mobile technologies our students already bring to school, to connect them to the wider community -...

  • Jason Mischewski

    About me: ...ls to support learners into a future of unknowns. The New Zealand curriculum document gives us the best possible direction in creating confident, connected, actively involved lifelong...

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    About me: ...ive Education Online Knowledge Centre website.  I create content for both of these websites as well as managing the teams. I want to make connections with school leaders and t...

  • Dave Malloch

    About me: I am one of two ICTPD Facilitators at Hamilton Girls' High School.  I am a member of two clusters, Connected Cluster and Cobham Connections and the HGHS Digital Horizon Group.

  • Sonya Van Schaijik

    About me: ...her at Newmarket School in Auckland. Newmarket School on VLN Coreefellow 2011  O lou lauga mo le Fagasa Interested in teachers making connections between the nodes and ack...Brief description: Talofa Lava. I am a teacher at Newmarket School in Auckland. I am keen on making connections on the VLN and especially with other Pasifika teachers.Interests: hyperconnectivity

  • TeAhua Park

    About me: ...and using inquiry to motivate and engage students. I have worked in a connected class over the past two years which has been so extremely rewarding.  I love being connected...on all levels..and am exc...

  • Glen McKay

    About me: I am a Year 7/8 Digital Class teacher and facilitator in the Connected Cluster in Hamilton.