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  • Su Brown

    About me: ...uary as our oldest daughter got married. Lovely having a son-in-law and all that entails. Just another member of the whanau as far as everyone is concerned. Younger two are enjoying...

  • Malcolm Law

    About me: I tend to neglect VLN partly because I don't get sufficient from going to the site. The users have different concerns and rarely do our interests align.

  • Tim Gander

    About me: ... I studied a four year Bachelor of Education Honors degree at the College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth, England, my final dissertation was concerned with the use of technology...

  • Aaron Blaker

    About me: I am an educator based at Otago Polytechnic. I teach in the English Language Centre and work on several projects concerned with online resources and Internationalisation.

  • Shalend Sharma

    Interests: Keen to find out whats's new as far as teaching and learning is concerned.

  • Sarkkunan

    About me: ...ch topic is on embodied learning and its pedagogical propensities. With the integration of technology and the focus on assessment, it has been my concern that the potential of the hum...