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  • Nayland walkthrough from NCA teachers

      ITC Visit to Nayland 3/3/11 Ruth and Bridget attended. A twenty minute talk was...who may not normally have access to training or a computer. Setting up of clubs to cater for children with specific interests in computer...

  • Turn your iPad 1 or 2 into an IWB

    You need an iPad, computer, data projector, AirDisplay App $13.99 from iTunes and Ink2go App $19.99 from App Store. For detailed instructions of how to set up go here http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/iupgrade/id261231188

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  • Papanui

    We have written an on-line course on Digital Citizenship that all students will complete. Years 9 and 10 have been timetabled into a computer...

  • B. I. S

    ...to the network. Protect the computers from spillages by eating or...ay from the ICT equipment. Security and Privacy Protect your w...stems, you should respect the security on the computers; attempting...e and agree to use the school computer facilities within these guide...

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  • ICT Lab

    Students working in the ICT lab. Designed as a computer teaching space.

  • Witnessing History

      The next best thing to being there is when the visual and sounds become immersive. The unique thing about vi...e convincing.  Here we see some of the possibilities this genre of computer...



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  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and addressed in an ongoing manner. Explanation The needs of th...ine learning courses that taking a course through online isn't just you and a computer...

  • Learning and Teaching Resources

      Focus Conduct a review of appropriate learning resources, identify gaps and future needs. Explanation The...books, laboratories and equipment, audio-visual and communication equipment, computer...

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  • Netsafe


    Netsafe is an independent non-profit organisation with an unrelenting focus on online safety and security. Our purpose is to ena...

  • Microsoft Office 365 for Education   Q & A

    Microsoft Office 365 for Education Q & A

    Prepare your students for the future.  Feel free to ask the questions! Free for schoo...nister and even easier to use, Microsoft’s Office 365 is backed by the robust security and guaranteed reliability yo...

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  • Learn Government Risk Management

    Unlike some other parts of IT, risk management has very little learning curve. So its great if you love IT but have very little technical background. It also pays very well. RMF for DoD IT sometimes called DIARMF, is actually a modification to DIACAP that is definitely derived from the NIST 800-...

    Tags: RMF, DIARMF, risk management framework, government risk management, computer security, IT security, IT, government IT, risk management