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  • LEARNZ Fieldtrip

    Reading is more than just a subject area generally scheduled during the morning session.  Reading is a means of accessing the curriculum, and as such needs to include reading within each of the curriculum areas to extend a student's subject specific vocabulary and understanding of text. &nbs...

    Tags: reading, comprehension, decoding, analysis, interpretation of text, inference, research, reading skills, e-Learning, curriculum

  • Choosing the virtual fieldtrip and reading the background information

    The LEARNZ website and participation in the virtual fieldtrips is available free to all NZ schools.  The only time a cost is incurred is when your class decides to send a virtual ambassador to take part in one of the fieldtrips.  To register your class go to http://learnz.org.nz In t...

    Tags: reading, comprehension, research, fieldtrips, virtual fieldtrips, e-Learning