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  • Kelliem

    About me: ...passionate about eLearning personally and professionally. I have a view to making eLearning more manageable at a classroom level by developing eCompetencies which breaks it down into 5 m...

  • CraigMcD

    Interests: key competencies

  • Trevor Bond

    Skills: key competencies

  • Nick Mason

    Interests: key competencies

  • Erin Sawyer

    About me: ...eas of my practice and I am passionate about engaging my learners to be future focused and self-directed. I am interested in developing teacher competencies and am currently interested i...

  • Claire Buist

    Interests: key competencies

  • virginiak

    About me: ...und Writing, utilizing the NZTA Resource around Rail and integrating several areas of the curriculum (Science, English, Social Sciences and key competencies and underpinned by SOLO Taxon...

  • Karen Hughes

    About me: Team teaching in a Year3/4 class in the Naki.  Love learning alongside my students and colleagues.  Value student agency, LwDT, collaboration, students owning/managing the learning.  Key competencies sit at the heart of the curriculum.  

  • rose.hipkins@nzcer.org.nz

    About me: ...and NCEA, and how we might keep the cart (NCEA) behind the horse (NZC). I'm keen to support more teachers to take a deeper reading of the key competencies. One main driving idea is tha...

  • Desire Truter

    About me: ...ogy to develop today's learners' readiness for tomorrow's world as well as assisting my colleagues in developing their professional competencies and capabilities.