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  • Learning with Digital Technologies PLD Information

    ...pedagogy) leadership and management community partnerships ways that new t...hools to review processes for routine engagement with whānau/iwi and the wider community about the impact of technologi...online, synchronous, and asynchronous engagement is inclusive of learning com...

  • Resources and Links for Pasifika Learners

    MOE Pasifika & ESOL Resources   Tongan Language Resources   Victoria University - Samoan Language Resources   CORE Pasifika Excellence Group   TKI Pasifika Education CommunityEnabling e-Learning Pasifika Resources

  • Sharing The Learning

     Example of a spotlight science lesson Focus: The idea...e pupils responded extremely positively to seeing their work in this way and engagement with the lesson was immediate...

  • Facebook, Facebook, wherefore art thou

    Teachers at Karamu High School are embracing the use of facebook to support Learning...Facebook achieve for you and your class?The most notable has been incredible engagement with the play – it cont...

  • He tauira

    Te Mangoroa - Is a portal to stories, reports, statistics, and reviews from across T...the support of a loyal and established whānau and community. In her report, Helena writes about how she worked with the community...

  • TMoA - Whakapapa Intro

    TMoA Whakapapa intro from Moana Timoko NZC and TMOA = National curriculum Student focused/student centred Whanau engagement crucial to success Localised curriculum developed in collaboration with key stakeholders There is no one way, no one template

  • _CantaNet

    CantaNet is a community of twenty one schools in rural Canterbury, Otago and Marlborough who engage in eLearning. To...er Visit the CantaNet site for the current picture of education within this community

  • Have you heard about Storybird? Updated information and new ways of using

    Have you heard about "Storybird"? Updated on August 30th 2012 ...newly published Storybirds that you can use for language features and reader engagement strategies.  What would...

  • Socially Responsive Drama Podcast Series, Pt 1

    Podcast One: Verity Davidson has been engaged in some terrifically stimulating "rich context" work at her school, B...aza Strip it seems timely to discuss this work with the wider drama teaching community....

  • Professional Learning Groups - 2012

    Professional learning groups remain an integral part of teaching at Sacred Heart and are the feature I-Connect and e...are excited about learning for themselves and for their students A learning community...