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  • Developing our eAchieve Cluster Portal: How the AppleTree Cluster collaborates online

    What was important for us? To develop an online learning community where teachers, students, leaders, and whanau can come together to share resources, communicate, and reflect on their own and their students’/children’s learning Why was this important? Based on teacher interviews, ...

    Tags: ICTPD, school, community, primary, inquiry,

  • Coalface Cluster Reflection : Tahuna School Exploring 21st Century pedagogy in practice.

       Background As an active part of our cluster's professional learning community we have taken part in much professional development  identifying and exploring  the needs of 21st century learners i.e. examining our values and beliefs about teaching and learning, explorin...

    Tags: Inquiry learning, inquiry learning, Little Boxes, Cardboard Community, community

  • Parent/Whanau Communication, Inclusion & Understanding

    What was important for us? To engage parents and whanau of students transitioning to school through eLearning strategies based on;   (a) inclusion (b) communication (c) opportunity (d) learning relationships between teachers, students and caregivers   What did we do? Over the ...

    Tags: Transition, community, parents, whanau, juniors

  • Involving Parents in Children's Learning

    Context: Year level - PrimaryCluster Type - 2010-2012 Traditional ICTPD ClusterContext - Progress towards National Goal 4National GoalFamily and Whanau to actively participate in their child’s learningCluster Goals1. Schools will educate families and whanau about the importance of e-learni...

    Tags: community, parent involvement, National Goals,

  • Getting Started With Goal 4

    Year level - Secondary Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context - Cluster progress towards achieving Goal 4 National Goal Family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning Cluster Goals  To implement Early Notification to improve attendance To extend ...

    Tags: i-Connect, community, whanau, ictpd, parents, secondary,

  • Kai-oro-hoki 10-0239 MS4 Summary

    Goal 5 Increase school community understanding of educational importance of e-learning Year level Years 0 - 8 Cluster type Primary ICT PD Context Following on from our student led conference at the end of Term 2, schools were keen to encourage community involvement, by way of offering onli...

    Tags: reflective summary, vln_primary, teaching as inquiry, inquiry processes, teaching as inquiry, community, Family and Whanau involvement,

  • Goal 4 Reflective Summary 2011

    The following is a summary of National Goal 4 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4). Cluster:  Year 2 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8 Cluster Type:  ICT PD Context:  With the increasing development of E-Learning tools and strategies within the Cluster...

    Tags: ict pd cluster, e-learning, parents, community, whanau, communication, support

  • Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 4

    This is the Wellington Loop VLN reflection for Milestone 4.  The reflection focuses on two of our programme goals - building teacher capability in facilitating authentic community projects as the basis for powerful learning and building a community of confident, connected and reflective prac...

    Tags: leadership, community, student voice, distributed leadership, Sylvia Martinez, reflective summary,

  • Involving the school community - template letter

    From Rick Whalley at Matapu School. Letter template that he uses to inform parents about their students online classes and to invite them to be involved. Please adapt as suits your purposes.

    Tags: template, community, vln_primary,

  • Growing Pains - Communicating with a Larger Network of Schools

    Cluster GoalInterest groups who have not met previously are developing networks and increasing capacity across the schoolsWhat have we changedA key role of our regional group is to provide school leaders with information about leading change, engaging with and building community through the po...

    Tags: community, community engagement, communication, email,