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  • Kiwi-skool bied nou Afrikaanse aanlyn-klasse vir kinders aan

    Spreading the VLN Primary word in the Afrikaanse Community. Although the Springboks/All Blacks game was top of the talking points in Brokkies' newsletter last week, we also were able to promote our new Afrikaans class to this community.  There is some debate in the community about about whe...

    Tags: Afrikaans, VLN Primary, language, online classes, second languages, community, learning choice, flexible learning

  • Digi Awards and Citizenship

    We held an assembly today where we celebrated all our children who entered work in the 2012 Manawatu InspireNet Digi Awards. http://thedigiawards.wikispaces.com/Home. Parents were invited along to view some of the amazing work that had been created and entered into the awards by t...

    Tags: Somerset, digital citizenship, digi awards, parents, whanau, community

  • Maths Evening

     On August 30 we held a parent maths evening. This involved the parents coming along to school from 6.30-7.30 to be engaged in heaps of different maths games and activities that they could do with their children back at home. Each teacher (x11) had a simple game or activity using simple...

    Tags: Somerset, community, whanau, maths

  • Enabling e-learning community conversations and more

    Kia ora koutou ma, A big salute and thank you to everyone who has contributed to our community this year. Here's a collated list of e-learning related discussion threads for 2020 for you to dive in and out at your leisure. Digital Resource #1: Using video to support and enhance wri...

    Tags: collation, community, threads, discussions, resources, 2020

  • Site re-design and NZ-wide launch

    The Maths & Stats ICT Network has had a makeover! It has been rebranded as the Maths & Statistics ICT Community. While I like the mathematical connotation of the term "Network", I think that "community" is more appropriate for our group. Communities share together, make mistakes...

    Tags: maths, NZAMT, logo, ICT, rebrand, launch, community

  • Blending with Moodle

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 25 October 2011. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. by Pinelopi Zaka In 2010, I collaborated with high school teacher Sue Parkes, who was implementing blended teaching and learning f...

    Tags: moodle, blended learning, community

  • What a busy six months we’ve had | At a quick glance

    The education system is moving towards an increasingly collaborative model. One of CORE Education’s 10 trends for 2014, describes Networked organisations as; more fluid, borderless, relationship-based organisations, where new partnerships are formed and collaboration encourag...

    Tags: e-learning summary, community, e-learning news

  • Where are we in the VLN?

    We’ve been talking a lot about Personalising learning for students lately on the VLN, and I’ve recently shared some ideas about Sneaky ways to fit professional learning into a busy schedule during ULearn14 in the presentation below. Judging from the following Google Analytics...

    Tags: google, analytics, site, statistics, community, activity, enabling e-learning

  • What have we been talking about?

    It’s been a busy year and you have all had (e-learning) things on your mind. Each time we connected with each other online, we collated these conversations for you in the Enabling e-Learning blog. We ran several virtual workshops throughout the year where over 600 community members...

    Tags: enabling e-learning, summary, online, community, reflection, learning, conversations

  • Come join us in Enabling e-Learning 2015

    Join us in  Enabling e-Learning   Leadership    |     Technologies    |     Teaching  | Professional Learning  |     Beyond the Classroom | Connect to the N4L managed...

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