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  • Introduction to the Virtual Learning Network

    ...he VLN will be the hub for e-learning practice in New Zealand, a place to share...e know that there is great e-learning practice happening all over New Zealand -...ring together existing colleagues and communities, and provide a place for new communities to grow. How can I use th...

  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...eloping consistent assessment practice within the KC schools, PAT data...ead team days evidence based practice data collection and evidence...up to google apps different communities will move at their own pac...a working online community of practice that has 30 teachers sharing...

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  • Very interesting read about the importance of acknowledging the early stages of building online communities. http://fizurl.com/mentorCOP

  • I am about to upload a practice run reflective summary for our Milestone. Hope it works. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste.

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  • Kaiarahi Hui at Waiheki

    Kaiarahi  from all parts of New Zealand gathered at Waihiki Island on the Piratahi...contacts with people to challenge our awareness of cultural issues and 'best practice' in leadership theory. Dr Jan...


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  • Introduction

      Learning Communities Online Virtual Learning School clusters and LCOs The 4 Ps How to use this handbook

  • Learning Communities Online

    ...inition The term ‘Learning Communities Online’ (LCO) was coine...ays be the primary focus of these communities. The emphasis here is on the emerging pedagogical practices that must be explored and adopt...schools may be a part of several communities, and each will be defined...

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  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet: Milestone 3 Reflection (Communities of Practice)

    Context and Goals Our regional ICTPD project provided an opportunity to grow the purposeful collaboration between two existing eLearning  clusters - OtagoNet and DunedinNet. A central aspect of enhancing this collaboration centres on establishing robust, sustainable knowledge building &lsqu...

    Tags: OtagoNet, DunedinNet, communities of practice

  • Jocelyn MacKay

    After completed my Master in Education and being intensively and extensively involved in the ICT and e-learning communities in NZ I have taken time out to travel and to teach and advise with ICT in developing countries. First stop United Arab Emirates, working as an ICT teacher adviser in a schoo...

    Tags: online learning, lurking, blended learning, communities of practice, web 2 tools

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