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  • Very interesting read about the importance of acknowledging the early stages of building online communities. http://fizurl.com/mentorCOP

  • I am about to upload a practice run reflective summary for our Milestone. Hope it works. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste.

  • Learning communities as cryptoforests http://artichoke.typepad.com/artichoke/2011/03/learning-communities-as-cryptoforests-.html

  • On the importance of practice, check the video on http://www.vanseodesign.com/web-design/taste-skill-gap/

  • The what, why and how of initially getting involved in online communities http://bit.ly/10kHbIu

  • um...does anyone know where the Learning Communities handbook is on this site???

  • Wow, another great e-learning weekly update @ http://bit.ly/JoZ0y1 A rich variety of activity across the communities.

  • Are you immersed, evaluating or balanced? > Developing your PLN using Enabling e-Learning and other communities > http://bit.ly/ywnMpY

  • getting my head around the different communities and blogs on here Any help most appreciated

  • Sign up today >> Webinar: How are we engaging every learner?: Sharing stories of effective practice. http://bit.ly/NujfgF