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  • liz Stevenson

    Skills: designing learning and communication opportunities which reach beyond the traditional.

  • Viv Hall

    About me: ...During my time in Hong Kong I worked as a DMC (Digital Media & Communications)/ Digital Technology Special...ess sector, what I refer to as my my sabbatical, working in the telecommunications industry.  Latterly I worked...

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  • Social Networking

    ...s of Primary or Intermediate age students. It has little merit as a communication tool for this age but can pro...etworks. More than 500 million Facebook users makes it a mainstream communication tool. Teachers need acce...

  • The Subtleties of Human Interaction

    ...tice and can not be learnt without real interactions with real people, in real settings. Constant use of digital devices for entertainment and communication threatens to weaken the neura...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    ...elson. This is a first of its kind module designed to help young people, their families and friends reduce risk when using any form of Digital Communication Technology. Module Name: Pro...

  • Hot Seat Sessions: VPLD

    ...tator, Core EducationTopic: Learning as InquiryDate: Wednesday 26th OctoberPresenter: Fiona White - Mediation MattersTopic: Open talking, open communicationDate: Wednesday 23rd NovemberP...

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  • Kia ora Jenny, You could try slide 100, slide 1000 (place value and basic facts), show me and educreations (mathematical communication).

  • The 4Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

    ...ntent and nature of the LCO formation. Focus: Establish communications networks. Shared vision and...dels and indicative budget. Dimensions: Relationships and Communication Learner Needs Logistical Co...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

    ...review what they are doing to ensure successful outcomes.Excellent communications between and among the partic...success of the implementation phase. Focus: Excellent communications. Student and staff support....

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  • Tauranga Moana

    Tauranga Moana

    Our Vision The Tauranga Moana ICTPD Cluster envisages information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool that will extend learning opportunities, deepen learning experiences, and...

  • Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    Auckland Museum eLearning Round Table

    ...rove their offering to schools, tertiary institutions, teachers, students, and all other "lifelong learners". My aim is to establish a direct communication channel between the Museum an...

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  • Paula Jamieson

    I LOVE Learning and making connections.  I am passionate about e-learning and technology especially embedding it throughout classroom environments to enhance and drive the learning... to truly make a difference to student achievement.

    Skills: facilitation, leading others to lead their own learning, communication, collaboration, web 2.0, creating a thinking culture.

  • Russell Street School's online newsletter

    Cluster Goal 2 Strong leadership of eLearning Cluster Goal 4 Family, whanau and the wider education community participate through online environments and the sharing and celebrating of eLearning The context During 2010 the leadership team discussed how we had noticed that many of our school...

    Tags: Te Apiti ICT Cluster, Russell Street School, parents, communication, collaboration, participation

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